What should I wear to practice?  

Comfortable clothing that you can move in easily is appropriate.  Keep in mind shirts that are super baggy may get in the way.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just you and maybe a water.   We have all the props you will need and mats you can borrow.  Due to Covid, it is recommended that you bring your own mat and blocks.  For TRX Classes fitness or yoga gloves are required, we sell them at the studio.  

What if I have never done yoga before?  

Most of our students are beginners.  Many of our classes are appropriate for beginners.  Sign up for our Beginner Series so that can help you understand the basics.  Want more information?  Schedule a consultation with us!  Click HERE.

What if I am not flexible?

Thats ok!  We all need to start somewhere.  Saying your not flexible enough to do yoga is like saying your not dirty enough to take a shower!  

How do I get started?

Several ways.  We have an amazing New Student Intro Special for $49 which will get you 1 month of unlimited classes.  You can purchase that HERE.  From there you can schedule a class online.  Or text us at 732-290-5174 and let us know what class you want to attend and we can register you.  

Know Before You Go

  1. Studio Opens 15 minutes before class begins.  

  2. Please keep be mindful when walking into the studio, there may be another class/session happening.  

  3. Observe silence or keep voice low.  

  4. Remove shoes upon entering to keep the studio clean.  

  5. Phones off or silenced - we offer a charging station in the corner next to the cubbies for your convenience.  

  6. Smart watches are a distraction.  Please consider removing or silencing your notifications before coming to class.  

  7. Perfume/Cologne - please avoid from applying prior to class.  

  8. Smoking - no judgement, but please refrain before coming into the studio to respect those around you.  

  9. Essential Oils - if these bother you please let us know.  

  10. Yoga mat - we have them here to borrow (most studios charge a rental fee).  Please use a Lysol wipe after using. Consider investing in your own mat.  

  11. If you register for a class and cannot make it, please cancel ASP, someone may be waiting for a spot to open up.