About Our Studio

What We Do
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Align  Yoga and Strength is a place to feel at home so that you can let go and get back to you. We believe knowledge is power; through education and expert instruction our students build the awareness needed to make meaningful change both on and off the mat. 
We share your story.  We are you.   Our teachers represent the clientele we seek to serve.  Spine & knee surgeries, hip replacements, autoimmune, anxiety, and depression just to name a few.  Life happens, but through it all yoga; in all it’s many facets; helped us.  That is why it is so important for us to provide a safe space for to explore and observe body & mind without worrying about getting hurt, doing something wrong, or worrying that you will make a fool out of yourself.  
Our goal is to provide a warm, welcoming space to go offline so that you can focus on YOU.  Whether you are healing physically or emotionally; we all meet in the middle and work our way in or out from there.
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Behind Align Yoga & Strength
 Founder & Teacher: Allison
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Here is my story:


 Before I became a yoga teacher in 2011, I suffered from debilitating back pain and consequently had surgery for a herniated disk.  The fear I experienced after surgery was just as palpable as the pain itself. This lead me to where I am today, teaching yoga and helping people with injuries get back to being comfortable in both body and mind.  I am an anatomy and biomechanics nerd because of how much I love learning about the why and the how of the body.


I may not know all the answers to your questions and you may need a different service that I can provide - I can only promise that I will be honest with you about what I can offer you.