Class Descriptions

MIXED LEVEL: open to all - including newer students looking for a challenge.  Appropriate for advanced beginners.  

OPEN LEVEL: open to anyone w/ or w/out without yoga experience. Appropriate for Beginners.  


ALIGN & FLOW (Mixed Level)- A bit of alignment and a bit of flow.  We move and breathe, taking time to pause and feel, observe and adjust.   Class is designed around the alignment principles of a specific pose or groups of poses that are meant to educate the body and mind in a meaningful way.   Appropriate for advanced beginners or beginners who would like to explore and learn along the way.  Modifications and variations are offered to make it accessible to anyone.  


COMMUNITY YOGA (Open Level)- Community Yoga Class designed to be affordable to everyone in the community while allowing newer teachers to gain experience. Classes are donation only - students give what they can afford and/or feel is appropriate (suggested donation $8-$10) and include a mix of sun salutations with multiple variations appropriate for all levels.  


FLOW & RESTORE (Mixed Level) - Ground yourself in movement, connect with your breath, and surrender it on the mat. Slow mindful flow and deep relaxation come together to bring you balance and ease.  


GENTLE YOGA (Open Level) - Come as you are. Slow delicious movement on the breath to stretch out and center yourself. Time will be taken within each pose for students to move, adjust, and explore. Class will include modifications & variations. Props will be utilized to provide support if needed. Appropriate for all levels.


MEDITATION – FREE 30 Minute (Open Level) - One of the most beneficial practices of yoga.  Benefits include stress reduction, better sleep, and even improving relationships. Meditation is like exercise for your brain.  This guided meditation will use different techniques to anchor the practice and bring you back each time your mind wanders off.  No Experience necessary. Can be done on the floor or in a chair.  


RISE & SHINE (Mixed Level) - Center yourself and find your rhythm before you start your day with this full-body flow. A dynamic and repetitious movement to expand and build muscular flexibility and strength.  Cap it off with seated meditation or reclined final relaxation. 


STRETCH, RESTORE, & MEDITATE (Open Level) - Relax and unwind with a class that nourishes you in every way.  As the name states, the class will include stretching the muscles, a 15-minute meditation and deep relaxation through supported and restorative postures.  Class may involve gentle & mindful movement, breathwork, gentle hands-on guidance and aroma-therapy with essential oils.  No yoga experience necessary.  Meditation can be done in a chair.  


VINYASA (Mixed Level) - Take your practice further with this mixed level vinyasa flow class.  This class is meant for advanced beginners to intermediate students looking for a more physically challenging practice to build strength, flexibility, as well as awaken the mind.  Vinyasa yoga links postures together through unique transitions to develop awareness, build endurance, and resilience.  Class ends with a delicious savasana. Modifications and variations provided. 


YIN/YANG (Open Level) -This class blends two styles of yoga into one practice - bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses (YIN) with active poses (YANG).  YIN is a slow-pace style of yoga where we soften and release the muscles.  The postures are typically seated or reclined, held for a period of time ranging between 2-5 minutes.  Time and gravity apply a gentle to moderate pressure on the joints and tissues; increasing flexibility, mobility, and overall well-being.  The YANG portion of the class refers to a more active practice targeting the muscles, stabilizing the bones, and protecting the joints.  



Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It is administered by channeling positive energy into the body through the hands of the practitioner through both light touch and hovering.  Following an initial consultation, each session involves a fully clothed recipient lying both face-up and down on a massage table.  Both 30- and 60-minute sessions are available please inquire.

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