At Align Yoga and Strength we help people in pain improve their posture, decrease stress, and uproot old habits so they can find confidence and enjoy movement again. 

We Moved!!!  To better serve you, we have expanded to so we are able to socially distance indoors!  

Indoor Classes and Virtual Classes

NEW address:  In the Marketplace

435 Rt. 34 Matawan, NJ 07747 

Next door to Cinderella Bridals

New to Yoga?  

The first time doing ANYTHING is hard.  It can be awkward and confusing.  What makes the difference is a warm welcoming environment and a friendly community of students JUST LIKE YOU.  

At Align Yoga & Strength, many of our classes are beginner friendly.  We offer modifications and variations for everything.  

Weekly Schedule

NOTE: This is not a live schedule and does not account for schedule changes or cancellations.  please click on live schedule to see most current version.  

Not sure which class to start with?  Let us help you decide which class will meet your needs and what to expect.  



I am Ali and welcome!


I look forward to connecting with you shortly, in the meantime let me tell you a little about the studio!


I created Align Yoga & Strength because I wanted to provide people with a safe space to move and educate themselves about their bodies. To begin to feel and see the unique habitual patterns that cause dis-ease and how we can use the breath to explore them. Developing the awareness to see the relationship of stress, tension, and the suffering that it can cause over time.


The truth is we ALL hold tension, we ALL overcompensate physically and mentally, and we ALL experience a decline in our well being because of it.


This is not unique but rather the human experience in our tech-driven fast-paced society. We can empower ourselves with knowledge and self-care practices that can reduce suffering, increase comfort, and shift our perception of the world around us, as well as our experience in it.  


My team and I are passionate about how our bodies work and the effect of intentional movement and breath work has had on our own well-being. Sharing our experiences with our own bodies, our studies, and helping YOU find balance within yours is our goal.

Align Yoga and Strength has classes devoted to back health, foundational alignment, and stress reduction, as well as unique classes focused on strengthening the body in unique ways - such as TRX Yoga and Yoga Sculpt Fusion - no matter what your goal there is something for everyone.  

My Mission is to connect with you and...

Help YOU strengthen the connection to the body inside and out.

Shift YOUR perception of your body, the way you move, and carry yourself in your life.

Provide YOU with expert guidance, understanding, and accountability.

Give YOU a safe space for vulnerability, hope, meaningful change, self-compassion, and humor.

Offer YOU inspiration and motivation sprinkled with some tough love.  


Align Yoga and Strength is an intimate studio dedicated to empowering YOU to feel better.

Supporting you in the following ways: 


Our studio is designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you can focus on YOU.    We invite you to linger, have a cup of tea, take a seat on our patio to reflect, and know that you are in great company with a community of like-minded folks.  

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Yoga by the Bay
Beginners Series

Find Us:

435 Hwy 34

Matawan, NJ 07747

We are located in the Marketplace - 2 doors down from The Dollar Tree and next door to Cinderella Bridals. 


435 Route 34  Matawan, NJ 07747



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