Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

MIXED LEVEL: open to all - including newer students looking for a challenge.  Appropriate for advanced beginners.  

OPEN LEVEL: open to anyone w/ or w/out without yoga experience.  Appropriate for Beginners.  


ALIGN & FLOW (Mixed Level)

 A bit of alignment and a bit of flow. We move and breathe, taking time to pause and feel, observe and adjust. Mindful movement is coupled with the breath, and longer holds in poses are complimented with active alignment cues. Class is designed around the alignment principles of a specific pose or groups of poses that are meant to educate the body and mind in a meaningful way.  


DEEP STRETCH (Open Level) 

In this class, postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated. You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and holding poses for a length of time. Create balance in body and mind while exploring the body’s range of motion with standing postures, twists, backbends, forward folds, and hip openers.  This is not a flow class.


FLOW (Open Level)

 This class combines a bit of alignment with a bit of flow to unite the body, mind, and soul.  We relieve tension in the body and the busyness of the mind by linking movement with breath, taking time to pause and feel, observe and adjust.  We explore the boundaries between effort and ease, and leave the class feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

FLOW & RESTORE (Mixed Level)

 Ground yourself in movement, connect with your breath, and surrender it on the mat. Slow mindful flow and deep relaxation come together to bring you balance and ease.  



Relax deeply with slow breath centered and rhythmic movement. Enjoy deep stretches to help you connect your body and breath. Class will end with a guided meditation and supported posture for final relaxation.


BACK HEALTH (Open Level) 

The class will address common muscle imbalances in the body that result in pain OR occur because of an injury. We will focus on ways to cope with the physical, mental, and emotional complications of back pain. Connect with others and the common goal of creating a stronger body and mind so that we can lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Together we will move and breath through common yoga poses, strengthening, and mobility exercises in different ways and modify them based on your individual needs.


TRX YOGA (Mixed Level)

 Gain strength and mobility using the TRX Suspension system.  Boost core strength and access more difficult poses with the support and leverage of the suspension trainer.  Guided into optimal alignment, we use the straps as a prop to deepen our practice, open up the body, and receive feedback.  This practice will offer you different challenges and different assistance at the same time.  



Slower version of our TRX Yoga to give individuals the opportunity to get to know the straps, get used to working with them, and to learn the movements.  You are welcome to take this class as someone who is new to TRX or just because you prefer the slower pace and focus.   


TRX & MAT PILATES (Mixed Level)

 Using a variety of modalities such as TRX, Pilates Ball, and Pilates Rings, this class focuses on building strength in the core and hips to create stability and improve posture. All exercises can be modified for different levels.  



combines traditional yoga flows with strength moves and cardio training for a full-body workout as a perfect way to spice up your yoga routine. We will use hand weights and body weight to increase strength, flexibility and endurance. You’ll get the heart pumping and blood flowing followed by a yoga cool down and well deserved savasana. This high energy, calorie burning class is challenging yet accessible- a complete workout for your mind, body and soul. Modifications and variations will be provided throughout class to accommodate all levels.  Class incorporates dumbbells (1-5lb is appropriate).